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Child Welfare

When families come into contact with the child welfare system, they require an advocate. Faced with an intimidating and powerful entity such as child welfare, parents are often unsure of their rights and responsibilities. Improving outcomes for vulnerable children and families requires a collaborative approach that allows parents to have a voice in the decisions made for their children and the services implemented.

Separation & Divorce

When a person is faced with the ending of a long term relationship, either marriage or common-law, it can cause great distress and chaos in their life. The challenges that individuals require professional help with depends on their unique situation. Clients without children often require an alternate type of support than those who are parents, and we are aware that their priorities can be different. During the intake process we identify each client’s specific priorities.

Supervised Visitation Services

Positive Choices Counselling offers supervised visitation services both in the parent or child’s home, as well as in the community. We ensure whenever possible that the visit supervisor remains consistent to ensure continuity and compatibility for the children involved. Our supervisors receive ongoing training and consultation from registered social workers.



“I did not know my rights as a mother. Without you by my side and your knowledge, the process would have been much longer. I couldn’t have done it without you. You were my support system.”

“Melani offers pragmatic, results based solutions to issues and has a no-nonsense realism when working with difficult situations. Her insight on the workings of the social system are invaluable. She shows concern for all parties but maintains focus on what is the best solution while ensuring the children’s best interests”

“Being involved with children’s services can be a very emotional experience. Melani was there for me as crucial support during very stressful times. I am eternally grateful.”

“Melani Carefoot is a highly qualified and experienced Social Worker. She is a peacemaker who helped our family work through some very difficult problems in a controlled and measured way. The results of her efforts have been lasting and very much appreciated. We can’t thank you enough Melani!”

“Positive Choices Counselling was referred to me by my family lawyer during a high conflict divorce and custody battle. With constantly changing court orders, PCC was always able to make my visitations happen no matter what the circumstances. I am very thankful for Positive Choices Counselling, and would recommend their services to anyone in need.”


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